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You're the Genie - Health From The Inside Out

A Mini-Supplement Guide to Kickstart Your Health Journey

A Mini-Supplement Guide to Kickstart Your Health Journey

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Here are just a few of the tips you'll learn:
  • The vitamins that will UNLOCK your cells' ability to BURN FAT.
  • 'THE' supplements that will help you to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce CHRONIC STRESS and ANXIETY (and, therefore, reduce your muffin-top!)
  • The best supplements for DETOXING your entire body on a regular basis.

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Here is what people have to say about the Mini-Supplement Guide:

"I don't understand why Helena named this a Mini Guide. It contains LOADS of great information!! I knew it was going to be great but didn't expect it to be loaded with this much value when I signed up. I already incorporate a lot of Helena's advice in my life and my health has significantly improved - I am now on my way to recovering from burn out. Next, I want to try Holy Basi and remove grains from my diet. Thanks Helena!"

Patricia Erlandson, Digital Coach at Glazyr

"This is a CLEAR and CONCISE go-to guide that will help anyone interested in losing fat and getting healthy. I thought I knew a whole lot about which supplements I should be taking and why, but Helena opened my eyes up to more reasons. Not only has she validated what I am already doing to supplement my diet, but she has empowered me to do more. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!"

Alison King, Founder and Fitness Coach at Run For Your Life

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