A Program That Will Transform Your Health and Your Life...FOREVER

The Not Just Food Detox Program is THE MISSING LINK you were waiting for. You can FINALLY get your HEALTH and VITALITY back.

A 3-MONTH Long Health ADVENTURE...

With FULL support from Helena, who will be there FOR YOU everyday, as you take the most important JOURNEY of your life.

Fat loss of MAJOR well-being proportions.

Ilean Harris, Online Marketing Coach

“Helena is a health and wellness expert that you would be lucky to work with. Her passion for her work shines in everything she does.

Her expertise is exactly what you have been looking for to live better, feel better, and keep those pesky pounds off. I highly recommend her services."

Daily personalized attention and accountability for 3 months

True HEALING of your body NATURALLY ~ no miracle cures

Weekly Food-Health Journals for detailed assessment of your progress.

Patricia Erlandson, Founder at Entreprenörsliv.se

"I have been burnt out for years and suffered from brain fog, fatigue and stress. I knew it was time to change, I was so prepared for it. And what happened? I joined Helena's "The Not Just Food Detox" 3-month program.

After actively participating in the entire 3 months of health coaching with Helena I have found several great pieces that were missing in my health and life!

I started to meditate, followed her advice regarding food and supplements and I felt so much better and different. After the first 3 weeks I had so much energy that I started to organize and sort paper piles that had been there for years. I bought filing systems and sorted everything. A huge weight left my shoulders.

Something AMAZING also happened: 

I gained back my interest in being intimate with my boyfriend. It was SUCH a difference between before and after I coached with Helena.

My coaching period with Helena ended in the end of January but I still eat like I did during the coaching program and I have from November until March lost 22 lbs. The weight loss wasn't my main issue but it feels great to lose some of the extra weight as well. I think I stillvhave about 10-15 lbs to lose but I guess it will eventually melt away.

I find it unbelievable how easy it is to keep up with her program even after graduating from 3-months of coaching and I NEVER have to struggle with what I should eat anymore.

I can't recommend her enough - go with Helena if you need a change in your life."

Weekly meal+stress-reduction plans to suit your very specific needs

Complete RESTORATION of your health from the inside out

Your brain: 

from foggy to clear and sharp

The rewiring of your brain to the habits that will result in major health and vitality

From FATIGUE to abundant energy throughout the day

A renewed TRUST, LOVE, and RESPECT for yourself

"With having been poisoned with chemicals in our renovation, I came to Helena for health coaching desperate for hope of a change in my massive eczema.

I did not know I would also come away with 30 lbs. weight loss, a significant reduction in blood pressure to the point that I was allowed to go off the blood pressure medication despite having been on it for years.

I also saw my status of pre-diabetes eliminated and I no longer required cholesterol medication. Finally, the eczema is going away slowly with the elimination of toxic chemicals and toxic medications which I had been on for 3 years.

A bi-product of the program was also an introduction of meditation into my life which brought peacefulness despite chronic pain and itchiness. I am so thankful because the medical profession had no other options than increased cortizone or imuno-suppressant medications.

My favourite part of the program was always meeting with you; even when I felt quite ill I always came away uplifted and with hope for positive change in the future. I love your personal touch, your enthusiasm, your positive and uplifting spirit. It provided the wind in my sails."

Suzie C., Business Coach

A renewed zest for life

The unclogging of your body via the binding and elimination of toxins

One hour per week of 1-1 coaching with Helena

A Welcome Bag full of truly effective health tools to be used throughout the program

Helena Bianchi

Helena Bianchi is the founder of You’re the Genie where she connects the most effective health information to people’s intrinsic power to change and improve their own health.

She is a Holistic Health Coach who specializes in helping individuals and families heal their bodies from the inside out while at the same time helping them feel loved and appreciated for who they really are.

She has a Masters in Biochemistry, Bachelors in Biology and Philosophy and has done cancer research for many years.

Her true passion is to help people get truly healthy from the inside out by using methods that are gentle, natural and for life.

Helena Bianchi is known as the ‘missing link’ that helps people acquire a true and solid foundation for health. She is redefining ‘health from the inside out’ with her “The Not Just Food Detox Program” where she gives each person daily customized attention for 3 months and gently ingrains in them a deep health foundation that transforms their health to new heights and completely renews their zest for life.

Her mission is to awaken 500,000+ unhealthy people to their innate power to become healthy and then teach them how to create a lean life of energy, vitality, and no medications (by 2020).

Helena lives in Vancouver, Canada and is at her most passionate when she is helping people transform into pure vitality and realize that they are THE genies who hold the key to their own long and healthy lives.